A little knitting and Sophie’s universe part 13 complete.

Today has been the usual early start. The little dark star crawled in with us at about 2am which seems to be the new normal. She’s an average sized 3year old and we have a standard double bed so it gets a bit squishy but we don’t mind. She won’t be little long and as uncomfortable as it is sleeping next to a small person that seems to curl up yet take up all the bed I love looking at her when she’s sleeping, those dark lashes and rosy cheeks, soft moth breaths on my face, just perfect and only ours for a limited time.

I mentioned before I was knitting a toy for her. Well today after spending the morning giving Sallyvan a really good scrub to get her all ready for our planned august shennanighans I sat and finished the toy. I’m not a natural at knitting and I had a few false starts but here he is, the lovely Flop from Bing!

I know some parents really dislike the programme but we love it, Flops gentle manner and Bings portrayal of the average preschooler is lovely and we bring elements from the programme to our daily life when we talk about the time Bing made a mistake but put it right. I HATE passionately programmes that over moralise and patronise children but I don’t think Bing does that at all. I’m hoping Flop is going to be a useful parenting tool. The Little Dark Star often insists we spend the day in various ‘character’ and I really don’t mind being ‘Flop’ she responds well to direction from ‘him’ and hopefully she might put her shoes and coat on for Flop even if she won’t do it for me 😉 sneaky huh?

As you can see I muffed him up a bit. I somehow got my needle sizes wrong and despite thinking I’d sized down a mm I actually should have been a whole mm smaller than I actually used. His stuffing is clearly visible in the body but I had to stuff him sort of ‘medium firm’ to keep his neck stiff enough to support his head. The Little Dark Star seems to love him mistakes and all, and that’s what matters. 

I have completed part 13 of Sophie’s Universe and am now making a start on the butterflies. I still have not decided what will happen to the Sophie when it’s finished. Maybe I will keep it, I think it depends on the final size. 

Now Flop is complete I really should finish up the toddlers cable cardi I started months ago. I’m going to have to wing it without help as I don’t think we can have German Nan to stay for a while yet as life here is a bit topsy turvy due to breaking down walls for the new kitchen and a friend staying with us on and off with her two lively boys. 

We have planned a bit of a busy august in our lovely Sallyvan. First we will be attending the Green Gathering. I’ve not been before and I fear I’m probably just not ‘green’ and hippy enough but that’s the point of going, to meet new people and learn stuff and come away with some knowledge that will help us be greener and kinder to our planet. After that we will travel onward to a campsite for a few days to wash our clothes and linens and give Sally a quick clean and tidy. Then we will be going to the Green Man festival for some more chilled out times before heading home again. The man of the yurt has fixed our LPG water heater in Sally so even though we will be off grid for both festivals I can have hot water for washing up and giving The Little Dark Star one of her Sallyvan ‘baths’ (my big green wash bucket on the floor of Sallyvans shower/loo). 

Sallyvan is in pretty good condition for what would be affectionately known as an old ‘crappy’ on caravan forums but in the past she obviously had some kind of pelmet (oh how the 80s and 90s did love a pelmet!) which has since been ripped off. It’s left behind a really ugly strip with old glue.

I’ve got some Drops cotton yarn that I made a tealight holder cover with on one of our trips away so I’m planning on making some bunting with that before we go away.

 I’ve got a proper ‘thing’ about that sort of mustardy yellow and greens at the moment. The Drops cotton isn’t the best for crochet as its splitty and catchy when hooking but I’m going to give it a try because I think it will have a good shape and drape as bunting as well as washing well. 

Hopefully I will get it done or at least nearing completion before we set out in August for our little festival trip. Now I’m off to water the tomatoes and stuff in the greenhouse and survey the overnight slug damage to the rest of the garden, the greedy slimy little horrors. 


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