Mandala waistcoat

Continuing from my previous blog entry, I decided in the end I would go with my original urge to make a waistcoat using a mandala.

I got the pattern for the mandala from Zooty Owl’s lovely blog. It is a free pattern available HERE

I’ve been sneaking in a few stitches here and there, experimenting with using either double crochet or triple crochet and different amounts of chains between the stitches to get the shaping from the shoulder down the sides right.

Here I tried some treble crochet.


Then I undid that and changed back to double crochet and put the next row in to see how it looked.

Mandala waistcoat

I unpicked a couple of entire rounds a couple of times to change the amount of chains so the end result didn’t end up to ‘frilly’ and changed the pattern of the stitch increases to a few times too.

It’s been a real labour of love. I’m delighted with the end result and although I’d orignally had some kind of edging in mind like I did with the festival waistcoat, I think I like this one just as it is. I used some ribbon I had in my stash as sadly I whilst on the beach this weekend I lost the beautiful purple plaited cord I’d saved to use with it.

Mandala waistcoat

starflower mandala waistcoat

Zooty owl's starflower mandala


6 thoughts on “Mandala waistcoat

  1. mitra says:

    Can you email me the pattern? I have the mandala pattern but would like to know the steps you took to make the rest.

    • Hi Mitra, I don’t have a pattern for this, sorry. I did mean to write it down legibly at the time but as I kept fiddling with the design and redoing parts of it I wasn’t left with anything written down that resembled what I actually did in the end!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I have made zooty owl mandala but would love to convert to waistcoat, is there no chance you could write a pattern?

  2. I am also working on a waistcoat. I’ve been modifiying the pattern and it’s been interesting. I see I have a problem keeping the tension right. I’ve changed hook sizes on many rows, decreased chains and just tried what worked. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to write it out. I’m using worted weight.

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