Festival waistcoat.

I had an urge to make a rainbow waistcoat for wearing at festivals. I found an online pattern but it wasn’t quite what I had in my minds eye, it was a bit too strappy and loose, but after reading it through I got the jist of how to make a nice big circle and I went from there, pinning it on the mannequin and working out where to start the armholes and how to shape the upper back.


As I got further along making it I knew someone who would love it far more than I ever could and so I surprised her with it as a gift whilst we were at a festival at the weekend.

She LOVED it and ended up getting changed there and then so she could wear it 🙂

I think it looks so happy and bright. Thinking about making another in a different colour and tweaking the design some more to create something less lacy, maybe even a sleeved cardigan for summer festival evenings.