As We Go….. into Obsession

I decided when I started the blog I would try and do a post a week. A good decent post with lots of content. I am aware I am straying from my path this last few weeks. I think the posts have been a bit skimpy and all about the same thing really…

The As We Go blanket.

Confession: it is because I am completely obsessed with it.

Normally I flit between about 5 main projects, all of varying complexity and purpose. Right now everything has gone into stasis in favour of the As We Go blanket. I suffer from a short attention span with crafty things sometimes. I can’t plod along doing something repetitive for days or weeks on end. I love making ripple blankets even though they are essentially doing the same thing over and over row after row, but I tend to stick to smaller cot sized ones so I can change colours often and enjoy the thrill of seeing them come together. The ripple also has the increase and decrease areas to keep your mind a little focussed. My ripples have all been made with a glorious bamboo and cotton blend and it feels like absolute heaven slipping over your hook and between your fingers. Basically the ripple makes up for what it lacks in variety of stitches by being a really enjoyable sensory experience.

This ripple blanket all wrapped around my bump the one I made for The Little Dark Star, she calls it her “made it” because I have always told her that Mummy made it when she was still in my tummy growing and she was wrapped in it when she was born. I deliberately chose random colour repeats so I’d have the enjoyment of deciding when to change colour and what to use.
Crochet ripple blanket
I love this picture because I can instantly still remember the feel of my round belly under the silky soft yarn and recall that ever growing excitement that I was making something for my soon to be born baby.

This is a little crib sized one I made that used regular repeats instead.

crochet ripple blanket

I think a project like the ripple blanket is an essential long term ‘go to’ project for when you’ve only got a small window of time for crochet and you wouldn’t be able to get stuck into something more complex and meaty you could get called away from. I think it is also good to have a more simple project you can turn to when you need to relax and use it as a kind of mindful meditation (which the ripple often is for me). Ripple blankets always have their own special project bag so they can be got out and put away quickly and a ball of each colour yarn needed is stored with the blanket at all times which is great for when you’re zooming out the door and want something to do in the car when you are not the designated driver.


I always have lots things on the go that I dip in and out of frequently. I’ve recently written up the boot cuff pattern and made it ready for sale and I am about a quarter of the way into writing up and photographing the Star Poncho pattern. I’ve got a box with some half finished hand warmers, one bootee, two half made hats, then there is my hexagon blanket….. I am going to stop there, the list is shameful and there is a booby hat order still outstanding at the moment and that is making me a bit twitchy.


Everything has stopped for the As We Go. It’s a bit like falling in love this feeling I have for it. When I am not actually making it, I am thinking about it. I wake up in the morning hoping to sneak a row in and I hesitate about whether I should go to bed at night and get enough sleep before the Little Dark Star gives me a 5am wake up or should I do just a row or two THEN go to sleep. I almost feel like I can’t ‘cheat’ on the blanket with another project. My house is becoming ever more a midden as I spend more and more of The Little Dark Star’s nap times crocheting. Even if I am not at home and able to see the blanket, I catch myself inexplicably with my phone in my hand sighing lovingly over photos I have taken of it.


This really is a first for me this one project start to finish with no diversions. The pattern is wonderful though because it does about three rows of one kind of stitch then its time to change to something else. Almost every single row is a new colour so theres lots of excitement about starting a new shade and seeing how it will look once its married up with all the others. Some of the stitches are basic, a whole row (193 stitches) of double crochet followed by a row of half double crochet but then you’ll be doing the Catherine wheel stitch for a bit or a chevron or star stitch. Row on row as it grows it just looks more and more luscious.

I am going to shut up now. I am aware I sound like a crazy lady.

I do love it so so much though. So very much.


My first pattern for sale.

I make a lot of things designed by other people like Bonita Patterns adorable bootees crocodile stitch bootees

and Two Girls Crochet cute sandals



But sometimes I make up my own designs. At times it is because I have an idea for something in my head that I really really want to make but cannot find a pattern for. That’s what happened with this star poncho

Crochet Star Poncho

Sometimes a new design just happens by accident. I was supposed to be making a baby bonnet but the yarn wasn’t quite right then instead of just unravelling and starting over with new yarn I had this idea this stitch would look lovey as boot cuffs!

So I continued and started writing down my work as I went along and a lovely set of boot cuffs were made.

I recently took the plunge and spent many evenings taking pictures of the process as I wrote up the pattern and then finally finally listed them on Etsy.

Here they are, I am quite proud of them 🙂



Please excuse picture quality in this post, I can’t seem to find a way to upload nice clear versions 😦



Chilling in my lovely comfy hammock working on the As We Go blanket. Yes I still have fluffy socks on in this weather because I really hurt my foot this morning and I’m trying to add a layer of buffering from the bumps and knocks of having a toddler around keep stepping on it!!!


As We Go, in the garden :)


As We Go, so far….

Here are some of the other crocheters blankets from the As We Go Crochet-a-long we’ve been enjoying on FB.

Aren’t they all absolutely stunning!

Some of these are by beginners which just shows with determination and a little help here and there you can make fabulous things even if you’re new to crochet.







We had a new member join the group last night, My daughter 🙂 The Funny One has joined us and hopes to use her crochet as part of her Duke Of Edinburgh Award. She’s a beginner too and it’s really excited about learning all the stitches.