Free Pattern: Toddler’s Crochet Rainbow Legwarmers

Toddlers Rainbow Legwarmers

Toddlers Rainbow Legwarmers

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with rainbows recently. I love rainbows all the time actually and every window in my house has crystals hanging up to cast rainbows wherever possible! The little dark star has some awesome knitted leg warmers made by my lovely talented friend Stacey, they are an absolute wardrobe staple however we need a back up set when they are in the wash, so I decided I really really REALLY wanted to make rainbow ones (crochet of course, my knitting is laughable)

I’ve made them slimmer fitting to the top of the calf then tapering wider to accommodate chunky toddler thighs (I can’t even type that last three words without wanting to immediately grab the little dark star and squish her legs).

So here is the pattern if you fancy making a set of your own. It is super simple. Google the foundation row treble crochet if you’ve not seen it before. It is better than a chain foundation row when you need an item to have some decent stretch and movement. Below is the UK terms but I have also included a PDF in the final link “toddler rainbow legs” which has the US terminology if you prefer, or maybe you just want a printable version, you’ll just have to convert hdc to htc in your head if UK terminology is your crochet language of choice.

Please feel free to do as you wish with your finished items but if you sell them please include a link back to me here as a courtesy. Please do not sell my pattern because frankly that’s really not nice and it is lazy too 😉


UK terms.
Size 4.5mm hook.
Double Knit yarn in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I used a mix of stylecraft DK 100% acrylic (for orange and yellow) and some unbanded yarn I already had in my stash.
Stitches used: Foundation row half treble crochet, half treble crochet (htc), Slip stitch (sl st), chain stitch (ch)
*Chains do not count as stitches throughout.
*At the end of each round join with sl st to top of first htc from start of round.

Round 1: Using RED make 30 foundation half treble crochet stitches, join to beginning stitch to form circle (30 stitches)
Round 2 with RED ch2 htc in next 30 stitches. Join with sl st to top of first htc (30 htc)
Round 3: Change to ORANGE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 4: In ORANGE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 5: Change to YELLOW ch2, in htc next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 6: In YELLOW ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 7: Change to GREEN ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 8: In GREEN ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 9: Change to BLUE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 10: in BLUE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 11: Change to INDIGO ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 12: In INDIGO ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 13: Change to VIOLET ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 14: In VIOLET ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 15: Change to RED ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 16: In RED ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)

Now start the increases.

Round 17: Change to ORANGE ch2, htc 14, 2 htc in next st, dc 15 (31 htc)
Round 18: In ORANGE ch 2, htc 15, 2 htc in next stitch, dc 15 (32 htc)
Round 19: Change to YELLOW ch 2, htc in next 32 stitches (32 htc)
Round 20: In YELLOW ch2, htc 16, 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 15 stitches (33 htc)
Round 21: Change to GREEN ch2, htc 33 (33 htc)
Round 22: In GREEN ch2, htc 8, 2htc in next stitch, htc 15, 2htc in next, 8hdc (35 htc)
Round 23: Change to BLUE ch2, htc 35 (35 htc)
Round 24: In BLUE ch2, htc 35 (35 htc)
Round 25: Change to INDIGO ch 2, htc 17, 2htc in next, htc 17 (36 htc)
Round 26: In INDIGO ch 2, htc 36, (36 htc)

Weave in ends. Enjoy!

Toddler Crochet Legwarmers

Crochet Toddler Legwarmers


toddler rainbow legs US terminolgy/printable version (1)

Please feel free to comment if you need any help or you notice a glaring error anywhere. Its my first freebie pattern so I am still learning x

Edited to add, if your toddler is a skinny Minnie and doesn’t have chunga chunky thighs like mine does, you might like to consider skipping the last two sets of increases.


The value of handmade things.

Crochet BedspreadThis monday I was on my way to meet some friends for brunch, I was running a little late and dashing along the high street like a mad woman with a buggy (I hate being late) when I spotted some yarn in the charity shop window *cue me screeching to a halt* I simply cannot resist having a look at yarn in charity shops. I am a yarn-a-holic I admit it, so I like looking at any of the stuff anywhere but charity shop yarn is extra special. Because it is generally quite inexpensive it sort of encourages a bolder level of creativity. You don’t have that same nagging fear that you’ll have ‘wasted’ money if you just go for it and experiment or use it for some random pattern you aren’t sure will work out as fabulous as you hope. It’s great tester yarn too, sometimes when I’ve bought a new pattern and its full of new stitches and techniques I like to have a go at it with cheapy yarn first to save costly mistakes.

The sign in the window stated “lots more yarn inside” Oh dear….

There were three huge boxes of yarns in cardboard skeins, you know the sort that get used on a machine. All very very fine, almost thread really. Not much use to your every day knitting and crochet work unless you have an urge to make some super delicate doilies or lace work. There was one I thought might be good for a laceweight shawl so I grabbed that and went to the counter to pay then there IT was, stuffed bulkily over a wooden hanging and bulging out into the aisle, a massive crochet blanket. I think anyone looking on may have seen my eyes actually pop forwards from my head momentarily as I scooped it up and put it on the counter without a single moments hesitation.

I didn’t care what it cost. I was having it even if that meant my sitting with a drink whilst everyone else tucked into their brunch (my phone was ringing “we are here, shall we order for you?” “just a pot of tea please…”) As it turned out it was £12. I consider that an absolute bargain. I still had enough in my purse for a pot of tea AND eggs on toast.

That blanket has really got me thinking though. Why was it in a charity shop? I showed the girls its loveliness when I got home and they too think it is amazing. You can see from the picture it is simple double crochets just going around and around with increases for the corners and colour changes. It must have taken someone simply ages to make. I keep wondering why someone would give such a lovely thing to a charity shop? It is in almost mint condition. I am left wondering who made this blanket? Did they make it for themselves and just got bored of looking at it? Did they spend months making it as a gift and the recipient just didn’t like it? The simplicity of the stitches just going around and around remind me of my Nan’s giant granny square blankets. I am both sad and glad it somehow made its way to the charity shop. Sad because I can’t think of any proper reason someone would want to give it away but glad because its now mine, all mine!

Dwelling on the idea that it might be an unwanted gift made me ponder yet again on how people do or do not value handmade/homemade things. Some people like me LOVE them. I absolutely love to be given things made just for me and I also love buying things someone has handcrafted, they feel special and honest and unique. I know I shall sound a little odd when I say they seem to radiate some kind of joyful or loving vibrations. Some people though just don’t seem to really like or value hand crafted items unless it is made by ‘A Name’ or it is ‘Art’ It’s odd but its almost as if unless there are several (million….) of something all exactly the same, all with a set manufacturers set price attached some folk just can’t feel comfortable with it or worse still see it as a bit second rate. I find it odd how this whole market has grown up of ‘hand made look’ items that are in fact all made in their hundreds and thousands by a machine or in some faraway country by people being paid a pittance. It’s kind of incomprehensible to me that there are people who regardless of cost would prefer a manufactured shop bought item to a handcrafted thing. They exist, I know I’ve met them. Enough thinking of it, it makes me heart a bit sad. I just don’t get it.

Back to the lovely blanket. I think fate threw a lasso from the charity shop doorway around my running form and dragged me inside this week. It brought that beautiful blanket and I together. It is now draped heavily over my daughters king sized bed and will be well loved for many many years to come. Welcome to our home beautiful blanket, I just wish whoever made you could see how loved you will be for many years to come.

Crochet BedspreadCrochet Bedspread


Loose ends

This is my fourth and final attempt at this blog post. Somehow I keep pressing innocent looking buttons whilst doing other things, like inserting media files and deleting the entire post (despite saving drafts as I go). Its pretty frustrating….

So one last try, if it goes wrong again I shall assume the universe is intervening.

I wasn’t able to work on the boot cuffs pattern some more on sunday as unfortunately the man of the yurt partied a bit too enthusiastically saturday night at his mum’s band’s gig and spent the entire day under the duvet. This meant I was dashing about doing all the boring sunday chores like washing and drying school uniforms, putting out the mountain of recycling, taking the compost down to the heap and other such drudgery all whilst simultaneously keeping the little dark star engaged and amused AT ALL TIMES. Actually taking the compost out wasn’t too bad, the weather was glorious, the little dark star enjoyed the toddle down the garden, we pottered about in the greenhouse a little bit and the birds put on a lovely chorus, they were probably as overjoyed to have a rain free day as I was!

I have learned to my cost that failure to keep tabs on a toddler will lead to washing powder all over the kitchen floor, ingestion of handsoap and yet another ‘wainbow’ on the floor/wall/door (where does she keep finding these crayons?). Sometimes I suspect she has super powers, like Dash from The Incredibles because it only takes about 60 seconds for some mischief to be in full swing. I wonder if all my girls were equally as labour intensive or if Mother Nature purposely makes us forget how much hard work this bit is so we will continue to procreate.

So onto some crochet talk… I did manage to take a few snaps of the crochet egg holder I made using the Simply Crochet Pattern. Usual disclaimer applies about picture quality. I use my little iPod or the iPad to take photos so I know I won’t be winning an award for blog photography any time soon. I hope though you can see how cute it is.

Crochet Egg Holder

Crochet Egg Holder

I love the soft cotton yarn and how nicely the colour goes with the varying tones of the eggs
Crochet Egg Holder

Crochet Egg Holder

I also finished up two flower cowls I have been making for an order. I am so excited about sending these off now as the recipient was one of two particular people I had in mind as I made the first one and wrote a pattern for it. She’s a bit of a hero of mine actually. You can find out a little about her and her fabulous bakery venture here http://www.whippedandbaked.com

This is me just trying on the red cowl to check button placement.

Crochet Flower Cowl

Crochet Flower Cowl

Weirdly this red yarn never photographs well. The iPod insists on doing some odd ‘auto enhancing’ and makes it look slightly weird. It is beautiful in real life though a really nice tone of red.
Crochet Flower Cowl

Crochet Flower Cowl

That’s it for now. Like I said its the forth attempt and its a little more rushed and less eloquent than I’d have liked. Lets hope I don’t manage to somehow delete yet another post at the point of publishing it because I’m faffing about with attachments! *crosses fingers*


Converting my scribble to a Proper Pattern


I recently asked on my Facebook Page which of my self written patterns I should prepare so that other people can understand it. Boot cuffs was the chosen one.

I love my boot cuff pattern so much. It happened by accident really. I was making a baby bonnet and I decided it wasn’t working out quite right and the yarn wasn’t soft enough. Normally I will just unravel things and start over, I am a perfectionist in my crochet and if something isn’t spot on it really irks me, I cannot bring myself ever to gift or sell something I believe to have any kind of flaw (even if totally invisible to the naked eye).

Something about this Not Quite Right project was telling me to rethink it though. Then as I looked at the lovely four rows of puff stitches I’d made and I saw it, BOOT CUFFS!

So I continued rather than unravelling and jotted down my pattern as I went along, unravelling a bit here and there to get everything just so.

I love my boot cuff pattern because it really doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen available to date.

I’ve made a fair few pairs now following my scribble in my pattern book. I’ve been working today to convert that scribble to a readable pattern that other people can follow.

So far I’ve worked through 5 rows and typed them up as I made another ‘test’ cuff. I’m looking at places I can simplify my instructions and places other people reading might need me to be clearer. I’m thinking hard about patterns I have followed where I have misinterpreted something and a little bit of clarity would have saved a lot of fingers crossed moments (and sometimes some unravelling).

It’s as much hard work as I knew it would be. I never ever begrudge paying for a pattern because I’ve always known that a lot of work must go into creating it. I am finding out how much for myself now. I am enjoying it though, it is a whole other creative experience. It is kind of fun imagining the end user reading my pattern and something I designed growing in their hands. It is exciting.

I’m taking a few snaps as I work through too. I’m not sure if they will be needed but I know some people find a visual guide to a pattern helpful.

There’s lots of work to do yet, I will need to read and reread, refine and retype, edit in photos and then (and I am most excited about this of all things) find myself a pattern tester so I can identify if I have written it well and if there are areas for improvement.

I can’t wait for the smallest yurtling to have her nap tomorrow so I can get cracking again!



Learning to crochet.

This blog post was meant to be about how I learned to crochet, read crochet patterns and how I ended up ‘hooked’. I think it turned into something else entirely. I like it though so its staying as it is…

When I first started crocheting it was sat with my Nan in her living room as she worked treble clusters into a yet another giant granny blanket. I never saw her make anything else, not ever, just those giant granny squares as presents for various grown up children or her grandchildren. We had scores of crochet blankets in our house, Nan never liked duvets so her bed was sheets with layers of big crochet blankets and a woollen blanket on top. I can’t sleep in a blanket bed now without being instantly transported back to snuggling in my Nan’s bed watching snooker on her little black and white portable TV. Yes, I know it makes no sense snooker on a black and white but Nan insisted she could see it better than the colour TV. She had many oddities like that. I loved them all.

I have gone off track already, I told you this would happen often. It was too delicious to resist though. Those times with my Nan were so special to me.

Nan never had any colour plans she would just use whatever yarn she happened to have to hand. I have no idea where it all came from because I have no memory of her ever visiting a yarn shop. I think maybe people would just bring her a few balls here and there they had left over from knitting project or had picked up in a charity shop. The colour combinations of those big heavy blankets were ‘interesting’, often quite ‘masculine’ looking for want of a better word, I recall lots of navy blue, maroons and greens. New babies always got pastels and white though.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when she sat me on her knee and let me have a go with the hook. I just learned to work the trebles into the chain spaces of the big blankets. Sometimes she would let me have a long go and I’d sit for ages hooking away in her white painted wicker chair, sometimes I only got to pop a few trebles in whilst she checked on the dinner. Nan crocheted right up till she died even though she was almost blind in one eye and had limited vision in the other. I used to watch her and she did it by touch really it was like watching someone beating out a little rhythm, the stitches always sped up and slowed down at the same point of formation each time. Sometimes when I am working up a simple pattern full of repeats I catch myself sat watching TV and crocheting without really looking, I can feel my own stitch rhythm happening and I wonder if I too will be reaping the joy of making simple crochet blankets till I die? I hope so.

After Nan died when I was about 12 I did not crochet anymore. I am pretty sure one of hooks I have is one of hers though. I have no idea how it came into my possession and is still around. I found it in with some of my teenage belongings. It’s the smoothest hook I own and curiously short compared to all my others. I’ve not seen any like it in the shops. I try not to be too attached and sentimental about it just in case it really is hers because then if I lost it I would be devastated. If I let myself believe it was definitely hers I’d probably never use it for fear of losing it and I’d rather be using it and maybe using something she owned than treating it like a museum piece. Secretly I know it is hers because I have a memory of that hook in the sideboard drawer, I’m just trying to talk myself out of it, because it is in fact missing at the moment and as I seem to use it a lot when teaching others to crochet (its super smoothness and short size seems to make it ideal) I am hoping no one has accidentally taken it home.

I think I started crocheting again when my sister was born, I have a vague memory of making a simple trebles big granny sqaure blanket. I recently found a dress I had been making when I was about 16 for my sisters dolly. Considering I couldn’t read a pattern yet and only knew how to make a granny square I am quite impressed with myself. I don’t think I was hugely obsessed with crochet then though because the dress is unfinished.

My next foray into crochet happened when I was expecting my first baby. I decided to crochet her a ‘special blanket’ as my little sister had one and I felt it was a useful thing for babies and toddlers to have. After the ‘blankie’ was made I was hungry for more. With my little sister sleeping in her buggy I set off to Allders in town, they had a haberdashery department back then (don’t panic, there is a big age gap between my sister and I and I used to mind her whilst my mum worked). I found a blanket pattern I liked the look of and asked the almost stereotypical ‘little old lady’ on the counter for advice about what yarn and hook I needed. I had never read a pattern before so she explained it to me. I stood there at the counter with that little old lady for ages and she very patiently showed me how to make the first square. I could read my first ever pattern (well some of it anyway!).

I made about 30 squares before I gave birth, the pattern required 64. I’ve never completed it. I have this idea now I will finish it for my first born’s first baby, whenever that happens (not too soon please!).

After that my crocheting fizzled out due to the demands of life but has always been reawakened when I have been expecting my next baby. Babies two and three got made a ‘blankie’ I also made a big single bed giant granny squares blanket in yellow and green, I remember sitting heavily pregnant with baby number two in our first home and waiting for my midwife to come and visit and having to put my crochet down to answer the door.

I made a filet crochet cot blanket when expecting number 3 (she still has it on her bed now). That blanket amazes me when I look at it. I had no idea what filet crochet was and that it was filet crochet I was doing. The internet wasn’t something anyone commonly had yet so I made it just from an idea in my head. When I look at that blanket I remember being in bed in the small hours watching cricket (why?) whilst my other two girls slept and being unable to sleep myself as my husband was working in London and only came back home two nights a week.


The more I’ve reflected on it, the timing of the crochet and the intensity of it, the more I have started to feel that with the crochet I was actually renewing that link with my Nan. I feel like pregnancy is a time you start to want to feel nurtured, sometimes you kind of regress into feeling like you need a little bit of mothering. I guess in hindsight that’s what my crochet gave me at those times. It invoked memories of feeling cherished and loved. Memories of being held on Nan’s knee or stealing into her still warm chair whilst she tended the needs of her family by cooking or hanging the washing out. Just the feel of a crochet blanket draped on my knee is to be sat in that chair of hers sneaking in some trebles, hearing her singing to herself or whistling in the kitchen. To snuggle under a crochet blanket is to have my Nan by my side once more, snuggled in her bed, drinking strong sweet tea and watching TV together. Crochet always reminds me of how much she loved me and how fiercely I loved her in return.

I guess I must have needed her more than ever when I became pregnant with baby number four because this is when my now total obsession with crochet took hold. I knew I would make the now traditional ‘blankie’ for the baby but before I even started making that I was gripped by an urge to find my hooks and box of yarn (there was a failed foray into knitting previously so I had lots). It was hats that seem to start the total obsession. I had this need to make the baby a pixie hat. I kept envisioning the baby in it, so I made one. I went to the library and got books out on how to crochet and taught myself lots of new stitches and learned to read the language that is crochet patterns, it was pretty confusing at times but we now have the internet at our finger tips so I googled YouTube videos of stitches I wasn’t sure of. Then came the bootees, so very exciting and satisfying.

Most exciting of all for me was that people wanted to buy the things I made! I couldn’t believe my luck, a self funding hobby. At times I had more orders than I knew what to do with, I think the universe had a plan in making that happen. I couldn’t get around very easily due to a pregnancy related condition called Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction (sometimes known at Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and spent a lot of time immobile. The crochet orders kept my hands and mind busy even if my body wasn’t able to do much. More significantly crocheting probably brought my Nan back to me at a time I needed that feeling of nurturing. I think of her often whilst I am working, I think of all the baby blankets she made. Sometimes, actually often, I feel a deep sense of sadness she never got to make my babies a blanket, she loved babies (she must have done she had 9 of her own!), she would have loved my girls. I think though that really when you think about it she has made my children a blanket each, every time I made one she was there flowing from my heart into the work in my hands, crochet is what she taught me and I have grown to love it so very much that I can’t imagine my life without it. Everything I make has a little bit of her in it and though I cried several times writing this blog entry because I still miss her so much even after so many years, I also feel a real sense of joy and comfort knowing in some way she is still alive and connected to me every time I hold a hook and begin to work with some yarn. Every time I make something as a gift or someone buys a crochet piece from me it contains a little bit of that love and a happy part of my soul.


Sneaky morning crochet


My little Dark Star woke me at 6am for “milkie dahlin'” then promptly snuggled down and went back to sleep.

I of course ended up wide awake so I decided to sneak in a little bit of delicious morning crochet whilst tucked up in bed with a cup of tea. Lushness.

20140114-090541.jpg excuse blurriness. I’m not equipped with fancy camera and photo editing software. All pics for my blog are snapped humbly with my little iPod 5.

I am working on a pattern from Simply Crochet Magazine. It is a cute little egg/breadroll holder. I had some lovely creamy natural toned 100% cotton yarn in my yarn stash, I bought it about a year ago with no prior intent for it, I just liked the look of it. It isn’t ‘super chunky’ which the pattern requires so I am double stranding with it. I don’t actually know exactly what type of yarn it is, looks a little bit bigger than DK but slightly thinner than chunky, anyway it seems to be working up ok so far.


The pattern seemed quite confusing on the initial read through but I have given it a go anyway and so far so good, it is just one of those patterns you have be be DOING to ‘get it’. I’ve already had to unravel part of it as my tension was too loose. Its a whole chunk of yarn on a big 10mm hook so I do have a tendency to make quite relaxed stitches with that combination otherwise it can be a bit wrist breaking working into the next row as you go along. Anyway, I’ve tightened up now and its working out well.


Can’t wait to show you the finished result complete with nestling eggs for full effect 😉


Taking the plunge

So I decided this would be the year of Just Doing It, whatever the It should be. No more over thinking or talking myself out of stuff. So here I am taking the plunge. This is the third attempt at taking the plunge into blog land as there have been two ipad crashes already. Of course the voice in my head told me this was evidence ‘taking the plunge’ was a bad idea and the universe was steering me away. Then I told the voice to shut up, that kind of thinking isn’t what my new jumping in head first resolution is all about. So lets continue…

What is this little blog of mine, shouldering in sideways with eyes downcast so as not to be too bold all about? Mostly I plan for it to be about crochet and stuff that’s happening here at The Virtual Yurt. It will end up off course though I am pretty sure of it and other stuff will leak in from all over the place, because that is what I am like. I tend to go looking for patterns for a shawl I can make with some awesome sock yarn I have, and then end up looking at all sorts of other caper like baby leg warmers and then ending the hour downloading a pattern for crochet christmas trees.

I feel I need to warn you also before we go any further together, that you may often find my grammar, use of punctuation and sentence construction baffling or exasperating or maybe even rage inducing depending on how such things affect (effect?? see!) you. Therefore apologise in advance. I will be honest and say my self awareness about all of the above has put me off blogging till now but here I am giving it a go, Doing It.

So I’d like to talk a little bit about The Virtual Yurt if that’s ok? Just so anyone who isn’t already aware of what it’s all about can get an idea of what the yurt is. The Virtual Yurt was originally the name of a Facebook page I set up to sell crochet and craft items, I found myself wanting to say a lot more about the processes behind them, or general day to day goings on here at the yurt (which of course IS virtual. I don’t have a yurt, yet). Facebook just never really felt like the correct platform for that and I’ve secretly been longing to blog for probably close to two years now, I just lacked the confidence. I really have an urge to be sharing my crochet and crafty things with other people and hopefully (please) enjoy getting some feedback and discussion. I know its likely that really in reality I shall just end up talking to myself in an empty room, but even so it will be nice to create a journal of my own creative journey.

The Virtual Yurt isn’t just about me (but probably mostly) everyone here is a bit crafty and likes to make things so I’d like to be able to share the creative makes of my girls and husband too. I have three girls living here at home (two teens, one toddler) and one has semi flown the nest and lives in London with her fiancé. My husband works full time running a shop but likes to dabble with a bit of wood based craft. He built us a lovely shave horse after learning to make ‘gypsy roses’ on one at Glastonbury one year. The Golden Haired teenager likes sewing and it always raiding my stash of fabrics. The other teenager is currently Very Busy most of the time with life on social media but I know come the spring when we start disconnecting from the internet to go away in our caravan she will start getting crafty again. She can do basic crochet and knitting (I cannot knit) and has apparently chosen knitting as one aspect of her Duke of Edinburgh Award, I’ve not heard any needles clicking yet though.

I think thats more than enough waffle for my first post.

Next entry I promise there will be crochet stuff in the blog 😉 Thanks for stopping by for my first ever post x

Here is a pic of my current work in progress just so you know I am not lying about the crochet 😉