Wool and Love

I’ve been mulling over a change of name for the FB page and this blog for quite some time now. I do love “The Virtual Yurt” it’s unique and I chose it to reflect my dream of one day having a real life yurt but to acknowledge until that time comes, this is our ‘virtual yurt’ here in a bricks and mortar home and online in virtual reality.

I’ve been feeling recently though too many people find it too vague or confusing and quite a few people just have no idea what a yurt is! 

Just in case you don’t know this is an example of a yurt

I’ve pondered a lot on what new name would be right. Nothing felt right and I kept feeling like I was losing some part of my identity. It might be a tiny weeny blog about not very much really but my page and writing here has become part of my personal story and my journey through the last few years of my life. 

The Little Dark Star and I love The Clangers which has been reworked since the original and is now running on Cbeebies. Granny Clanger loves to knit and she makes things with ‘wool and love’ there is a wonderful episode about Major Clanger making a knitting machine and Granny Clanger being upset her special role had been taken away. In the end she challenges the machine to a Knit Off. Of course Granny Clanger wins! She makes a lovely scarf soft and warm and made with love just like a real scarf should be and not itchy at all! The episode ends with the  Clanger family snuggled up together in the big warm handmade scarf. 


The Little Dark Star and I loved it and personally it really struck a cord about something that matters to me; making things with love, by hand not machines that churn things out in the blink of an eye in their masses for money. 

Little Dark Star said that “Mummy makes things with wool and love like Granny Clanger” and suddenly it felt right Wool and Love. So that’s what I’ve renamed the page and blog and kept “@ The Virtual Yurt” to retain the roots of my journey and the place I dream of in my heart, a cosy yurt and a simpler life. 

I like it too that when you say Wool and Love it sounds like ‘woollen love’. That’s what my things are, woollen (sometimes cotton, bamboo or acrylic!) love. Little bits of love from my heart made with my own hands sent out to be something lovely in the world. 

So there we go, I’ve changed it and I hope you like it. 


Frogging Sophie! 

My Sophie is getting really big now and I’m firmly back in love with her again. Here is a couple of pics I snapped this week.

I had 75g approximately of the dark purple I used for the last row so far. I absolutely LOVE it against the cream and near the vibrant pink of the tulips.


I think its impact will be lost when the next row (the Persian stitch) happens and…..

I actually don’t want my ‘diamond/lattice’ detail to be green because I want my Sophie’s Universe to continue to be unique and not too colour choices similar to Dedri’s original one (as lovely as it is!) and I don’t like any of my other colours enough for them to be chosen for it. Guess what colour I really want them to be?

Yes! I want the deep purple I just used. 

I have no idea how much yarn the two rows of zig zag are going to use so I’ve frogged the row I just finished and am going to use a different colour next to the cream so I can be sure I’ve kept enought deep purple back for later. If I don’t like how it all turns out I may well frog again. I’m even thinking of experimenting with a little selection of light purple and blue for behind the diamond detail instead of just a block of one colour as the background. 

Probably madness. Here’s goes…..


Hello! I’m still here.

Feels like its been aaaages since I posted an entry. I’ve had a funny few weeks of late, if I haven’t been really busy doing things with and for the little dark star I’ve been trying to keep on top of the house situation.

Work on our new kitchen is properly underway and I’m constantly chasing a fine layer of really fine but horrid dust off every single surface in the house (even the sofas) or making workmen tea and hunting manically for kitchen items I REALLY need that have ended up in a box in the bottom of a pile of boxes or under a dust sheet somewhere. It’s that whole “you have to break some eggs to make an omlette” type situation. I’m coping by closing my eyes and imagining that after 13 long long years of living in a semi building site of a kitchen my dream kitchen is installed, a new wall has been erected across the old one and I have a very small but lovely craft room with all my pretties in and a little pull out bed for when the firstborn or German Nan comes to stay.

The garden is pretty demanding at the moment too. I’ve got some veggies on the go out there so sometimes I’m having to water twice a day or everything is drooping and looking very sorry for itself. I’ve been using the paddling pool water or the water butts for a lot of the time so there is a lot of trudging up and down and double handling of water. 

This means of course I’m struggling to fit in any hooky time. 

I really need to make a start on the bunting for Sallyvans pelmet but I cannot find a pattern I like and recent brain fog means I’m struggling to create one instead. I’ve had a few false starts and have gone off the boil somewhat. I bought Sallyvan some cushions a long while back ready to make pretty covers for so I think I shall have a try at that first.  

I’ve been meaning to make some simple cord type crochet bracelets for ages now. I’ve got lots of pretty charms and recycled jewelry bits I want to use with them. I bought some drops cotton to make them with but after several attempts I couldn’t get them to come out how I wanted and the drops cotton is super splitty, stuff and hates being “reworked” if you frog more than once. Last week I saw a perfect  j-cord bracelet by Repeat Crafter Me on my Facebook newsfeed. Hurrah the hard work is done for me so I am definitely going to make a few soon, it might be my holiday project whilst we are at the two festivals in August. I posted the link to the Sophie’s Universe CAL group I made on Facebook and my freind has already had a go at the pattern, the result is lovely so I feel really encouraged to pull my hooks out and definitely have go myself now. 

I’m plodding along with my Sophie’s universe, as the sides are quite long now I’m lucky if I get one full side done when I get a little hooky time to spare. I am umming and ahing about if I want to make the end project bigger with the squares or my own extended border or just leave it as it is at the end of the ‘official’ CAL parts.

I’ve just finished the last row of popcorn ‘tulips’ 

I am also very slowly working on a little knitting project for The Little Dark Star I hope it might be finished by the end of the month.

Our clever Golden Hair has been making things again recently, she gets little crafting urges and goes off and creates something cute. She recently has made these lovely little butterflies.

And this fabulous fox cushion 

She made lots of these cute little hand stitched hearts last year. She just disappeared off with some supplies and worked it all out for herself 

Sadly I think the Little Dark Star got hold of this one and pulled a button off!

She’s currently upstairs listening to the Wicked soundtrack and organising her room ready for a big move around in there to create a crafting “nook”  I love having someone to get excited about crafting things with and who will squeal with me over spotting a yummy fabric in a shop or a clever idea on Pinterest. I’m a very lucky mum. I shall be a lucky mum with a lovely new kitchen soon…. well more likely a few months! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little ramblings about life at the virtual yurt x