Tartan Lula Hoop.

My little foray into knitting recently lead me to swapping my giant needles for slightly smaller ones and having a go at making a Wool And The Gang Tartan Lula Hoop.

I can do basic stockinette so I felt I’d be ok tackling it. The pattern said “easy” so I went ahead and got the pattern and some supplies.

I really enjoyed knitting it up and adding the detail. Here it is as I’m putting the long lengths of yarn in to get the tartan effect. I know I need to work on keeping my tension more even as I knit.


The project me longer than I thought it would because I had to do quite a bit of googling and YouTube searching to find out how to do both horizontal and vertical invisible seaming for reverse stockinette. I learned there are lots of ways to join knitting! I kept looking at my messy edges and getting really anxious about how I could turn the mess of the selvedge into an invisible seam. The problem was where I’d changed colours for the stripes the edge stitch was just flapping about a big massive loopy and confusing area. I kept tightening them up carefully but couldn’t see how they would hold closed unless I knotted or weaved them in, but the pattern says just push them inside the hoop as you seam it.

Knitters will know for the invisible seam across two pieces of reverse stockinette stitch you need to identify the “smiles” and the “frowns” I was ok finding the frowns on the right side but partnering up to the smiles on the left was just impossible. In the end I decided on the left side to seam into it one row over rather than into the selvedge. It means my lula hoop is slightly slimmer than its probably supposed to be but to my absolute joy it worked perfectly and I managed a really good invisible seam for a first ever attempt. I did a little dance when I had finished.

Here’s the finished piece.


Its just the perfect size and feels scrummy round my neck. I already have supplies ready to make another one in new colours but first I’ve got two big knit projects to complete and an experiment with my big needles I’m dying to try.

If you’d like to knit one of your own visit Wool and The Gang HERE.


Big Knit project Ta DAH!

I’ve still got the ends to sort but it’s pretty complete.

Here is my lovely new summer big knit bedspread.

Ingrid Wagner Big Knitting

Here is the ‘wrong’ side

Ingrid Wagner Big Knitting

I love it that way just as much as the right way!

And here it is stretched out across the end of the bed as a foot runner.

Big Knitting

It will go well with my other duvet cover too as that one is pink red and blue. In fact it will go well with most of my bed covers except my funky red one. I can see this getting stolen from the bed for several people to snuggle under on our very long settee. It is so weighty and warm with an amazingly comforting drape, rather like being wrapped in a cuddle.

Excuse our odd bedroom furniture set up, we co sleep with our toddler so I have my bed table at the end of her bed.

This project has been SO much fun to make. Already planning my next big knit projects.