Loose ends

This is my fourth and final attempt at this blog post. Somehow I keep pressing innocent looking buttons whilst doing other things, like inserting media files and deleting the entire post (despite saving drafts as I go). Its pretty frustrating….

So one last try, if it goes wrong again I shall assume the universe is intervening.

I wasn’t able to work on the boot cuffs pattern some more on sunday as unfortunately the man of the yurt partied a bit too enthusiastically saturday night at his mum’s band’s gig and spent the entire day under the duvet. This meant I was dashing about doing all the boring sunday chores like washing and drying school uniforms, putting out the mountain of recycling, taking the compost down to the heap and other such drudgery all whilst simultaneously keeping the little dark star engaged and amused AT ALL TIMES. Actually taking the compost out wasn’t too bad, the weather was glorious, the little dark star enjoyed the toddle down the garden, we pottered about in the greenhouse a little bit and the birds put on a lovely chorus, they were probably as overjoyed to have a rain free day as I was!

I have learned to my cost that failure to keep tabs on a toddler will lead to washing powder all over the kitchen floor, ingestion of handsoap and yet another ‘wainbow’ on the floor/wall/door (where does she keep finding these crayons?). Sometimes I suspect she has super powers, like Dash from The Incredibles because it only takes about 60 seconds for some mischief to be in full swing. I wonder if all my girls were equally as labour intensive or if Mother Nature purposely makes us forget how much hard work this bit is so we will continue to procreate.

So onto some crochet talk… I did manage to take a few snaps of the crochet egg holder I made using the Simply Crochet Pattern. Usual disclaimer applies about picture quality. I use my little iPod or the iPad to take photos so I know I won’t be winning an award for blog photography any time soon. I hope though you can see how cute it is.

Crochet Egg Holder

Crochet Egg Holder

I love the soft cotton yarn and how nicely the colour goes with the varying tones of the eggs
Crochet Egg Holder

Crochet Egg Holder

I also finished up two flower cowls I have been making for an order. I am so excited about sending these off now as the recipient was one of two particular people I had in mind as I made the first one and wrote a pattern for it. She’s a bit of a hero of mine actually. You can find out a little about her and her fabulous bakery venture here http://www.whippedandbaked.com

This is me just trying on the red cowl to check button placement.

Crochet Flower Cowl

Crochet Flower Cowl

Weirdly this red yarn never photographs well. The iPod insists on doing some odd ‘auto enhancing’ and makes it look slightly weird. It is beautiful in real life though a really nice tone of red.
Crochet Flower Cowl

Crochet Flower Cowl

That’s it for now. Like I said its the forth attempt and its a little more rushed and less eloquent than I’d have liked. Lets hope I don’t manage to somehow delete yet another post at the point of publishing it because I’m faffing about with attachments! *crosses fingers*


4 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Joanne says:

    Just wondering what issue of the Simply Crochet Magazine you got the Crochet Egg Holder pattern from? Its so cute and I’d love to make it 🙂

  2. MABBY says:

    I would love to attempt the egg holder. Every time I try to download it, I am sent to a website to download a doc to pdf app. I don’t really want to put this on my pc as I don’t know if it is trustworthy and would be quite happy with doc. version.
    Is there anywhere else I can download this pattern free?

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