I’ve noticed a lot of rainbows in my life this last few months. Not only have I felt compelled to create them with crochet, like the toddler leg warmers (free pattern here)

dark star keeping snuggly in her leg warmers

dark star keeping snuggly in her leg warmers

but they just seem to be around me a lot. It stands to reason with all this weird weather which has included rain, rain and more rain as the constant backdrop to howling winds that when the sun did get a walk on part in the production, rainbows would follow. I think I have seen more rainbows in the sky in the last month than I have in the last two years.

Here is one outside my bedroom window a few weeks ago. 


I have a beautiful crystal in my living room window to catch the morning light. We live on the side of a valley so we get less sunshine than ‘up the top’ the sun comes in a little later and leaves us much earlier. You don’t see a proper sunset here unless you take a walk through the woods up into the farmers fields, you can see the thin strip of woods that borders our valley in the photo above. It isn’t really a ‘woodland’ as such, I believe on the map it is labelled “Long Coppice”. It been many many years since it was used as a coppice though, it does its own thing now mostly it is a nice place for a walk and local children like to play there. I’m rambling (as usual) I could probably write a whole blog post about the place, I am really very fond of it.

Back to the rainbows…

The crystal in the living room was a gift at my blessingway held just two days before the Little Dark Star arrived Earthside. She loves “nonna’s rainbows” as we call them. Excuse the crayon on the wall!!


I even have a crystal in the window of Sallyvan so that space too will be filled with rainbows at least once a day. Here is a picture of the Little Dark Star napping among the rainbows (and some butterflies!)on our recent trip away. image 

I adore rainbows I really really do. Rainbows as we all know from our school science lessons, are white light split into seven (visible) colours. It is stunning how each colour is different but yet belong together so harmoniously. Sunlight is a kind of colourless thing yet contained within it are these amazing colours. Rainbows remind me that there is beauty hidden around us all the time, we just need the tools to see it, just because something isn’t visible, it doesn’t mean it is not there, just like love I suppose.  

True rainbows created by rain and sun have always been a symbol of hope for me. Even though rain is falling there is something beautiful that can be made from it and I think this probably resonates with many of us because even as adults we still feel wowed by the sight of a rainbow, like children we will excitedly rush to see it and encourage others to join us. Rainbows are wonderous things indeed.

It was yet another rainbow sneaking in that compelled me to write this blog post. As you know if you have visited my blog before I am making the As We Go blanket and having a little crochet-a-long on FB. (you can read about that HERE) I decided to keep colour combos fairly random, I’ve just been mindful of not putting too many strong colours together or ones that are just not nice with each other. I’ve been joyfully hooking up the last few rows when I suddenly realised this had happened…

As We Go Blanket

Can you see it? Yes I have inadvertently made a ‘rainbow’ combination and I LOVE it! 🙂 Less deep and strong than the toddler leggings but oh so delicious! Feeling really inspired about combining these colours like this for the next project I have planned.

This week I also found my Nan’s crochet hook and I am truly delighted to hold it once again. You can read about my Nan and this hook in this previous blog post, I found it buried in a big ball of yarn of a project started quite some times ago (an adult star poncho) but never got back to.
vintage crochet hook As you can see it is a bit shorter than my regular hooks. It probably suited my Nan’s crochet hook hold perfectly, she tended to hold it like a pencil whereas I hold it like a knife. The pencil hold looks much daintier but I find I have better tension and control the other way.

I have had a lovely February what with my birthday, the As We Go crochet-A-long getting underway and having our first trip of the year in our lovely Sallyvan.

We had a weekend in Seaford, the van was a stones throw from the beachfront and we had some lovely weather. We also had some insane wind and some rain too at night but I love the sound on the rain on the ‘van roof and I could hear the waves crashing and receeding all night, it was almost womb like. The older girls got on well considering we decided forgo the awning due to the winds, so we were rubbing along in a fairly small space all the time. The upper middle child (we shall call her The Funny One from now on, because she is! funny ha ha that is, rather than funny odd) even helped Golden Hair with her maths homework whilst I sneaked in some rows on the blanket.



not a manicured and swanky site but still lovely and very friendly

not a manicured sand swanky site but still lovely and very friendly


The As We Go blanket.

The As We Go blanket.

Finally here is a peek at the as we go blanket again. Yummy Scrummy!


Free Pattern: Toddler’s Crochet Rainbow Legwarmers

Toddlers Rainbow Legwarmers

Toddlers Rainbow Legwarmers

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with rainbows recently. I love rainbows all the time actually and every window in my house has crystals hanging up to cast rainbows wherever possible! The little dark star has some awesome knitted leg warmers made by my lovely talented friend Stacey, they are an absolute wardrobe staple however we need a back up set when they are in the wash, so I decided I really really REALLY wanted to make rainbow ones (crochet of course, my knitting is laughable)

I’ve made them slimmer fitting to the top of the calf then tapering wider to accommodate chunky toddler thighs (I can’t even type that last three words without wanting to immediately grab the little dark star and squish her legs).

So here is the pattern if you fancy making a set of your own. It is super simple. Google the foundation row treble crochet if you’ve not seen it before. It is better than a chain foundation row when you need an item to have some decent stretch and movement. Below is the UK terms but I have also included a PDF in the final link “toddler rainbow legs” which has the US terminology if you prefer, or maybe you just want a printable version, you’ll just have to convert hdc to htc in your head if UK terminology is your crochet language of choice.

Please feel free to do as you wish with your finished items but if you sell them please include a link back to me here as a courtesy. Please do not sell my pattern because frankly that’s really not nice and it is lazy too 😉


UK terms.
Size 4.5mm hook.
Double Knit yarn in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I used a mix of stylecraft DK 100% acrylic (for orange and yellow) and some unbanded yarn I already had in my stash.
Stitches used: Foundation row half treble crochet, half treble crochet (htc), Slip stitch (sl st), chain stitch (ch)
*Chains do not count as stitches throughout.
*At the end of each round join with sl st to top of first htc from start of round.

Round 1: Using RED make 30 foundation half treble crochet stitches, join to beginning stitch to form circle (30 stitches)
Round 2 with RED ch2 htc in next 30 stitches. Join with sl st to top of first htc (30 htc)
Round 3: Change to ORANGE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 4: In ORANGE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 5: Change to YELLOW ch2, in htc next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 6: In YELLOW ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 7: Change to GREEN ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 8: In GREEN ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 9: Change to BLUE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 10: in BLUE ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 11: Change to INDIGO ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 12: In INDIGO ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 13: Change to VIOLET ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 14: In VIOLET ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 15: Change to RED ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)
Round 16: In RED ch2, htc in next 30 stitches (30 htc)

Now start the increases.

Round 17: Change to ORANGE ch2, htc 14, 2 htc in next st, dc 15 (31 htc)
Round 18: In ORANGE ch 2, htc 15, 2 htc in next stitch, dc 15 (32 htc)
Round 19: Change to YELLOW ch 2, htc in next 32 stitches (32 htc)
Round 20: In YELLOW ch2, htc 16, 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 15 stitches (33 htc)
Round 21: Change to GREEN ch2, htc 33 (33 htc)
Round 22: In GREEN ch2, htc 8, 2htc in next stitch, htc 15, 2htc in next, 8hdc (35 htc)
Round 23: Change to BLUE ch2, htc 35 (35 htc)
Round 24: In BLUE ch2, htc 35 (35 htc)
Round 25: Change to INDIGO ch 2, htc 17, 2htc in next, htc 17 (36 htc)
Round 26: In INDIGO ch 2, htc 36, (36 htc)

Weave in ends. Enjoy!

Toddler Crochet Legwarmers

Crochet Toddler Legwarmers


toddler rainbow legs US terminolgy/printable version (1)

Please feel free to comment if you need any help or you notice a glaring error anywhere. Its my first freebie pattern so I am still learning x

Edited to add, if your toddler is a skinny Minnie and doesn’t have chunga chunky thighs like mine does, you might like to consider skipping the last two sets of increases.