Slow coach Sophie 

Since we got back from our Easter break I’ve had what I have called Sophie Dystocia. I haven’t been able to move forward very much. I have been stuck on an obstacle; choosing colours.

I think I said before I can can get really obsessed with wanting colours to work a certain way or tell a story and with the Sophie’s Universe blanket I’ve been on that vibe a lot. 

I finished the roses round on holiday and was already unsure about them being yellow but the colour change yarn made me think they would come out like tea roses on the bush, the type when the roses are not uniform tone but have lighter petals and hints of pink. They came out exactly like that and remind me happily of my Nan’s rose garden. 


The yellow had made onward colour choice difficult though. I’ve used purple in the end and thought about them as the tall bearded iris’ that also used to grow year after year in my Nan’s garden. 

In the next few rounds the pattern starts some jiggery between the colour placements on long and shorts sides. I really wanted the next to rounds above the roses to be blues and greens to represent sky and grass but that would have made the petals of the feature flower on the ‘short side’ not right. 

I got frustrated. I spent ages studying pictures of Sophie from the pattern website so I’d see how things will pan out further down the line, trying to decide if that short side flower mattered enough to make the long sides not exactly how I wanted them. I’ve driven myself fairly bonkers. 

So I took a short break and started wet blocking the toddlers aran cabled cardi I’ve been knitting for The Little Dark Star.

I’ve still got the sleeves to block before I can then start putting it all back in the knitting needles to knit the neck band. I feel fairly confident with that and am looking forward to it but after that I have to pick up stitches all along the cables of the front panels for the button band. I’m going to have to ship German Nan in for some help with that.

I recently got my eyes tested after not being able to thread a sewing needle (I used to be the person my nan asked to do that so it was a wake up call I completely couldn’t see it at all!). It turns out my eyesight was worse than I realised I’ve always needed a lens in the left side but now the right side seems to have required a stronger lens than the left! The optician said with incredulousness “how have you been managing?”  Wearing my glasses to crochet has been a revelation, I can see all the little fuzzy strands of the yarn and the definition of the stitches. I still don’t think the left lens is quite right but the change for my right eye is AMAZING and I feel so happy. I feel as if I’m seeing lots of the world through new eyes, I guess in a way I am? Anyway it’s lovely and worth the money spent on my eye test and new specs (even if glasses don’t suit me). 

So, back to Sophie. I realised I just had to dive in and choose colours and frog it if I hated it.

Here’s how the flower on the short side has ended up

I used this flower as ‘inspiration’ 

I don’t know if that pink is right and will look ok in the long run but I’m going to continue for several rounds to see how it settles in. I didn’t want the flower to be too plain but I didn’t want it to end up looking so fantastical it ruined the look of everything else.  

The long side ruffle flowers reminded me of the light blue hydrangeas in my garden, there is  something about the sort of squared off but fluffy look at the tops of the stitches feels similar,  so I’ve dived in and used my light blue, which also means when I start the zig zag on the short side it will be very similar to the ‘daisies’ I made earlier on. It’s made me feel so much happier again. 

Thankfully, pushing through the ‘dystocia’ has worked and I’m eager to see how things are going to pan out and already mentally planning colours for the next stages. 

I’m off now to ignore the washing waiting to be hung up, the sunflowers, butternut squash and cucumbers in the greenhouse waiting for larger pots and Sallyvan waiting to be deep cleaned whilst I just sneak in a little bit more of Sophie time before The Little Dark Star and her Daddy get back front their sunday morning swim 😉 


Still nuts for knitting right now!

I’ve been sneaking in a little knitting when I can. It’s been a struggle though and some weeks I’ve managed only one row before other things demanded my time instead. I have now finished the main pieces for the toddlers cable cardigan and its time to knit the neckband on.


I’m actually looking forward to it as it’s not something I have done before and I really enjoy the challenge of learning something new. I have a dilemma though. See those edges all curling in of the reverse stocking stitch? I think they are going to be annoying to seam after the neckband is done and will probably turn right inwards after seaming making the cardi look deformed. I’m deciding if I should block them now or after I’ve attached the neck band? Doing it now is easier because I can arrange the pieces out easily but I’m eager to crack on with the neck band. I am going to block them though. I’m a fan of blocking because it makes such a difference to the result of the final piece. I’m also hoping blocking this will help smooth out any issues with fluctuating tension (I’m still not consistent yet).

If you are doubtful about the benefits of blocking then take a look at this square I blocked for a project a while back. It makes such a difference and it became a joy to work with for joining.


I had a wee splurge on some new patterns from Wool and The Gang. They aren’t cheap at £10 each but I really really wanted them.


It is two cardigans and a cabled jumper. One if the cardigans will be knitted in super bulky on my 25mm wooden knitting needles. I found this yarn in my stash, I bought it a couple of years ago on impulse when I saw it.


I’d provisionally thought it would be great for crochet cowls but I think it’s going to be perfect for a big sloppy cardi. I can’t decide on the green and blue blend of the black and silver grey toned one? Its acrylic and super silky and soft. I can’t be a yarn snob when making things for myself, I just can’t have real wool on my skin because I break out in a rash and itch like I’m being prickled all over with tiny bits of wire. If I want to wear something posh I have to use bamboo or cotton and that’s going to be too heavy and expensive for this project. I don’t think they even make bamboo in super chunky so I’d have to use multiple strands at once.

I’ve got this multistranded sofa throw on the big needles at the moment.


I need to either finish it then start the cardi or move it carefully off into storage and indulge my urge to start making the cardi. I really should finish up at least one of my WIPs before commencing a new one but I just get too excited about starting new things when I find projects that excite me.

I’ve got all my girls home today for a sunday dinner so I’m off to prep the veggies now but before I go here’s a little pic of one of my boxes of joy/shame. Its a massive blanket box I got via freecycle when I was expecting the little dark star, it was meant to be fixed up and used as a toy store, here it is bursting with a small selection of my yarn stash. I have two of these blanket boxes. The bag on the left contains a half finished granny squares blanket that I will come back to once we venture out in Sallyvan again. Crochet is much more portable than knitting I have found so far.


Oh here’s another one…..


I also have two chests of drawers with yarn in too as well as some shelving in my bedroom. One day I will just open a yarn shop and craft drop in with a lovely cafe and my life will be complete in every way. We all need a dream don’t we?

Till then I best get using up my stash before it takes over the whole house!