My first pattern for sale.

I make a lot of things designed by other people like Bonita Patterns adorable bootees crocodile stitch bootees

and Two Girls Crochet cute sandals



But sometimes I make up my own designs. At times it is because I have an idea for something in my head that I really really want to make but cannot find a pattern for. That’s what happened with this star poncho

Crochet Star Poncho

Sometimes a new design just happens by accident. I was supposed to be making a baby bonnet but the yarn wasn’t quite right then instead of just unravelling and starting over with new yarn I had this idea this stitch would look lovey as boot cuffs!

So I continued and started writing down my work as I went along and a lovely set of boot cuffs were made.

I recently took the plunge and spent many evenings taking pictures of the process as I wrote up the pattern and then finally finally listed them on Etsy.

Here they are, I am quite proud of them 🙂


Please excuse picture quality in this post, I can’t seem to find a way to upload nice clear versions 😦