Just finished part 9 of Sophie’s Universe! 

I’m plodding, I don’t think I shall ever ‘catch up’ but I’m cool with that. I like being behind because I can see a little better how things are going to pan out and it helps me with colour choices. It also helps avoid some of the issues that might occur. 

So here is Sophie’s Universe in the sunshine on the deck this afternoon

I’ve had to become less precious about which colours I use, I cannot justify buying more of anything because I actually MUST make a dent in my insane yarn stash that currently is taking over every single room of the house! (except the cream. I got a Hobbycraft voucher for my birthday so I’ve been buying the Women’s Institute yarn they stock for the cream) I’m about to run out of the very light pink and I’m running low on the deep purple so I’m having to control myself from ordering more. Its so hard to resist though….


5 thoughts on “Just finished part 9 of Sophie’s Universe! 

    • Thankyou Kate. I have moments where I’m not sure if they are working then days like today I look and think “no, they actually look quite pretty!”

      I’m enjoying having to work out how to use stuff I’ve got rather than indulging in increasing my stash!

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