Taking Orders

Like many other crocheters I am full to bursting at all times with ideas of things I want to make as well as the desire to have a go at patterns I have seen. I want to make things for the little dark star, for family, for friends and also For Sale.

Even if there were another 6 hours in the day and an extra day a week I still couldn’t get to create all the things I am constantly itching to be making. This is probably one of the reasons I always have several different projects on the go at once, so I can at least indulge my need to be making many things by doing them simultaneously. Of course there is portabilty and place to be considered too.

It’s good to have a project underway that you can work in many situations:-

like a little hat

like a little hat

*Whilst on a train/bus: needs to be small, one or two balls required to be able to work on it

*A project for in the car or the caravan (our’s is named Sallyvan as a tribute to a very special person in my life story, maybe I will blog about it someday), actually I tend to take a few projects for holidays in Sally because I never know what mood I will be in. can be more balls and larger or lots of small squares

Baby Starburst Blanket

*A project you can pick up and put down at home whilst cooking tea/watching TV/enjoying 15 mins peace whilst the Little Dark Star is bathed by Daddy.

a wee bit blurry!

a wee bit blurry!

You get the gist? This is standard addicted crocheter behaviour.

Within all these projects there will be The Orders. Often I will make one of something and it will create an avalanche of people all wanting the same thing, though maybe different colours and sizes (I can’t even bring myself to post a picture of the item I think I ended up making about 25 of in the end) Sometimes it will be just one person wanting me to make another of something I have made as a special order for someone else.

I find myself constantly at a kind of juxtaposition of enjoying the fact my creations are attractive enough to people for them to ask me to make more but feeling I’d really like to be making something new and different instead. I can’t ignore the fact of course that The Orders help fund my habit and cover the cost of more supplies.

I feel there is a difference to between taking ‘a commission’ and ‘taking orders’. A commission is someone asking me to either create a pattern from scratch or find one for something specific. The aviator hat was such an item. imageThen someone else asked me to make another and I said OK because I like this person a lot but my heart wasn’t in it and in the end I got so distracted for so long by other things I never did make it. That’s bad of me and I still feel awful about it. When it came to it though, every single time I tried to make a start I just couldn’t, it felt like when your parents say you have to finish your homework before you can go out and play with your mates and they are all already waiting outside for you, you can hear them giggling and having a good time out in the sunshine. I just knew if I really forced myself I could do it but it wouldn’t be made with the same level of love and enjoyment as the first one. I kept telling myself “after you’ve made these bootees then you’ll make the hat” “after you’ve just experimented with that blanket you’ve had an idea for, then you will start it” I just kept making excuses. I felt bad the whole time and it started sucking the joy out of he stuff I wanted to make.

I probably sound like a right whinger? I don’t mean to. Like I said its lovely people want to order things, a real compliment to my work but at time I feel like it really stifles creativity. There are some items I just adore making and am happy to hook up endless quantities, like baby bootees and soft cotton scarves.image Really I’d be much much happier making things as the moment takes me and then selling them if they aren’t a gift for someone but that doesn’t really work. What I love to make, things I think are amazing or beautiful don’t always appeal to others, I think I have off beat tastes in colour choices. It can be hard getting your things seen unless its already on someones head, neck, legs and then we go back to the full circle of making many of the same thing for lots of people when really I was only intending to make one or two.

I guess what is important to me is that I make things with love and joy. I adore the idea of someone wearing or using a handmade thing rather than a factory far away made thing but when you get past making a certain amount of something you’ve really become a one woman manufacturing operation and the sentiment and craft of it is somewhat diminished. I wonder if fellow crocheters/crafters feel the same?

I was avoiding The Orders today, naughty me, so as it is my birthday I treated myself to making a good start on the As We Go blanket. If you read my previous blog entry you’ll know I bought a lovely glut of cheap and cheerful Stylecraft Special DK to make the blanket with.

Here is where I am so far.


I am totally ADORING it! Although the rows are quite long (193 stitches) the choosing/planning the next colours and knowing you’ll me doing a new stitch soon makes it feel really exciting.

It was orignally a CAL at Not Your Average Crochet and I’d be absolutely thrilled if just one person wanted to start one too so I we can enjoy comparing and contrasting and help each other along. It would be the best birthday present ever really 🙂

Edited to add: Theres six now in the CAL if you’d like to join there is a FB group.


2 thoughts on “Taking Orders

  1. andi Simpson says:

    What a brilliant idea! Such a pretty project. I am a complete beginner so will enjoy learning stitch by stitch. It will be just a bit smaller though!! Count me in.
    Happy birthday!! Xx

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